Warehouse jobs

If it seems like warehouses are springing out of fields on the outskirts of cities across the United States, well, you’re not wrong. As the gigantic concrete and steel walls swallow acres of land and semi-trucks begin pouring in and out with goods destined for business and homes globally, warehouse jobs are plentiful for those… Read more »

product demonstration

If you own a retail shop, the best way to showcase your merchandise is through product demonstrations. But what is a product demonstration, and what are its’ benefits? 

Over the last couple of years, hiring hourly workers has become more challenging. Pre-pandemic, the employment landscape favored the employer; and now it not only favors the job seeker, but it also offers almost 2x the number of open positions than it does available workers. With so many options for job seekers to choose from,… Read more »


Over the past year, LGC has been fortunate to launch three new staffing divisions to better accommodate our clients’ hiring needs. These divisions – MarketStaff, ConcessionStaff, and EnviroStaff – target clients in specific industries and bring LGC’s two decades of staffing expertise to their organization.  

New Staffing Divisions

LGC is excited to announce the launch of EnviroStaff and MarketStaff, two new divisions of LGC Hospitality!