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Regardless of the industry you work in, experiencing gaps in coverage on your team can mean lost revenue, unhappy clients, and burnt-out team members. Last minute absences, in particular, can be especially difficult to account for. But what if you had access to a staffing solution that could change that?

In May 2019, we launched LGC Now – a staffing tool that provides LGC employees the opportunity to secure flexible employment based upon their schedule, while providing clients with the chance to obtain qualified talent right when they need it. One of the driving factors behind LGC Now is Deploy, a scheduling and engagement software created by Shiftgig.  

In April 2019, LGC acquired 13 markets from Shiftgig, including thousands of job seekers and dozens of clients across the country. With the addition of this business we launched LGC Now, a staffing solution focused on filling hospitality shifts in the gig economy.   In the past 6 months the LGC Now team has been focused on training LGC employees in our local offices on how to use Deploy, Shiftgig’s flagship software… Read more »

LGC Hospitality is proud to announce the opening of three new offices in our eastern, western, and central regions; Dallas, New Orleans, and Miami. The addition of these markets, powered by LGC Now, brings us up to 35 locations nationwide, serving clients and workers in the hospitality industry. 

Two months ago, we officially launched LGC Now – a staffing engagement tool focused on growing and expanding our business through the removal of several manual administrative tasks. Since then we’ve been focused on training LGC employees on how to use Deploy, Shiftgig’s flagship software piloting LGC Now.   Deploy is a technology platform focused on redeploying and engaging workers. By introducing Deploy into… Read more »