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2022 Detroit POTS Walk

Since 2003, LGC has been setting up shop in major markets around the country. We’re so appreciative of these cities that have welcomed us with open arms into their communities. And one way to show that appreciation is by giving back. 


Recently LGC had the opportunity to provide staff for two army bases who were preparing for refugees’ arrival to the U.S. from Afghanistan. Read on to learn about how this came to be and what it means to LGC. 

At LGC, having the opportunity to give back to our community is something that’s really important to us. During the holidays especially, we like to connect with organizations that work to make the world a better place, especially during a tough year.  

During the holidays, we like to partner with an organization that is important to LGC and our community. This December we had the opportunity to give back to Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Indianapolis. In addition to the impact RMH has on those who use its service, this charity is particularly close to us because a member of our corporate team has personal experience with them.  

At LGC, we’re dedicated to serving our clients, workers, and community because without their help, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Throughout the year, we encourage our team to volunteer for causes that are important to them and LGC will find organizations to partner with. (Read more about volunteer efforts here.)

At LGC, we’re dedicated to serving our clients, workers, and community because without their help, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As a way to give back, throughout the year we encourage our employees to take “volunteer days”, where they get a paid day off to volunteer with an organization of their choice. (Read more about volunteer efforts here.) 

  Ana Reyes, Staffing Manager of our Kansas City branch, spent one of her volunteer days at the Community Services League. Please read below of what they do for the community and why she holds this organization so close to her heart. Let me tell you about CSL… In 1916, a women’s Bible study group… Read more »