Deerfield Employment Solutions

Regardless of the industry you work in, distractions in the workplace is something we’ve all experienced and had to deal with. These common interruptions can pull us away from a deadline, throw a wrench in our motivation, and make it appear like we’re not fully focused.  

One question the Deerfield team regularly hears from candidates is, “Why should I work with a recruiter?” Considering most people’s experience with job searches have been a one-person endeavor, this question is completely understandable. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons job seekers can benefit by partnering with a recruiter like the ones at Deerfield Employment Solutions.  

Taking the step to hire a new employee is a decision that includes several factors. Besides the obvious, like hashing out who and when you need to hire or getting input from relevant stakeholders, it’s crucial to consider what the current hiring climate is and if it will affect your process.  

LGC is proud to announce the launch of our separate operating entity, Deerfield Employment Solutions. Deerfield specializes in connecting professionals from a variety of industries with businesses that are looking to grow their teams. While Deerfield operates independently from LGC, we’re excited to see the impact they make in the permanent placement space.