Old School Staffing. New School Tech.

Not replacing our human touch, rather enhancing our staffing abilities.

From requesting staff, to processing payroll, LGC Now lets you take control of your staffing needs right from an easy online platform. This staffing engagement tool provides MarketStaff employees with the opportunity to secure flexible employment based upon their schedule, while providing clients with the chance to obtain qualified talent when they need it. LGC Now has no monthly or hidden charges – you don’t pay for our services unless you use them! 

Behind LGC Now is a workforce management solution powered by NextCrew. NextCrew’s staffing software includes a mobile application for workers and a web application for clients, making event scheduling and worker deployment easier than ever.   

For clients: 

By eliminating some of the manual activities it takes to staff open positions or a last-minute request, we’ll be able to focus on what matters the most, building strong relationships with our clients. With the introduction of LGC Now, clients will benefit in several ways, including:   

  • More diverse talent pool  
  • Shifts fill quicker  
  • Increased transparency on event details  

For workers: 

With LGC Now comes the introduction of technology into our everyday operations. This technology will help workers by providing:  

  • Easier onboarding process   
  • Prompt notifications of open assignments  
  • Variety of work  
  • Flexible scheduling  

To learn more about LGC Now, contact us today.