For Candidates

MarketStaff partners with clients like big box retailers, retail warehouses, distribution centers, and merchandising companies who need additional employees for short-term or long-term assignments. As a candidate, we’ll work closely with you to learn about your employment goals and help you decide what you need from your next job. Then, we’ll match you with the client that best meets your needs. 

In addition to making staffing matches, the MarketStaff team can provide advice on your resume and give you helpful interviewing tips. During our relationship, we’ll act as consultants to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience with MarketStaff.  

“MarketStaff would not be who we are without the staff. We value our employees and want them to know that we care about their success and will find them the best match to utilize their skills. We provide guidance and support to all our team members with the purpose of helping them find not just a job, but hopefully working towards permanent employment.” – Jennifer Sukup, VP of MarketStaff 

If you’re ready to elevate your job search and find your next great opportunity, apply today.