What do you really know about your market?  

With wages increasing, inflation in play, and a changing economic landscape, the LGC team is hearing a lot of questions from human resources partners and business leaders who want to know what makes a competitive compensation and benefits package. In order to start building a compensation package, you need to know what similar businesses are offering in order to stay competitive. Other factors like geographic data, market saturation, and employment trends also come in handy when considering how to attract top talent.   

Introducing the Market Analysis Package by LGC –– your one-stop shop for everything you need to know to make informed (and successful hiring) decisions in 2022 and beyond. The Market Analysis Package combines employment data, relevant industry trends, and the expertise LGC has culminated over almost two decades in the staffing and recruiting industries. The Market Analysis Package also includes: 

  • Competitor Analysis – what are competitors paying and what sort of benefits are they offering?
  • Position Specifics – what’s the average pay for the positions you need to hire for, and is the candidate pool big enough to accommodate your needs? 
  • Worker Preferences – what do workers want when looking for their next job? 
  • LGC Secret Sauce – we share some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned over two decades in the staffing industry working in 40+ markets across the country. We’ll also share information from our client and worker databases that gives us the knowledge we need to stay ahead of the competition.  

When going into the recruiting and hiring process armed with knowledge, you can make more informed hiring decisions, retain workers better, and stand out amongst the competition as ‘the place to work.’ Plus, backing your decisions with data will show candidates that you’re responding to the current employee-driven environment.  

Let LGC help you make the best hiring decisions possible. Contact us today to learn about the Market Analysis Package.  

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