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Meet the LGC Memphis Team

Brandy Smith Assistant Branch Manager

Indianapolis, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville

Brandy has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 14 years. She started off in the industry as a server and has worked about every position throughout her career. Before joining LGC, she was the food and beverage manager for a local bowling alley. Brandy came to LGC for a part time bartending position but walked out as an Assistant Staffing Manager. With her extensive experience in management and the hospitality industry, Brandy quickly worked her way through the ranks to her current position of Assistant Branch Manager. Her main focus is on concessions, housekeeping and back of house but she is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in the office.

Cristelia Rodriguez Staffing Manager

Memphis, Nashville

Cristelia was born and raised in the Lone Star State and moved to Music City to accompany her husband on a job relocation in 2016. After working the first year in a position that stagnated, she embarked on a very short search and came across a post from her branch manager with a position as an assistant staffing manager.

The moment she spoke to her and was given the details of what being a staffing manager entailed she was sold. Having worked an administrative role back home the idea of incorporating her abilities to a role which include day to day challenges, and growth for herself was exciting. LGC has been a stepping stone in building a career rather than just “working for a paycheck”

Being bilingual has broken a barrier for the Nashville office. They have been able to dip their toes in the Hispanic community. They are sure this will strengthen the relationship with their clients as they will be able to provide a more extensive selection of candidates as well as services.

Proud wife and caregiver to her parents as well as a fur mom to 3 beautiful rotties. Cristelia is the real-life makeup tutorial minus the youtube channel. You will never catch her without her full face of makeup with a brightening smile.