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Considering the next step in your career? Hotel & restaurant jobs in Columbus could be a great choice for you. Are you an employer with hospitality jobs in Columbus that need to be filled? We have trained front of house and back of house specialists ready to provide memorable guest experiences.

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Meet the LGC Columbus Team

Kourtney Kenworthy Branch Manager


Kourtney started her career with LGC in summer 2017. She has worked in the Hospitality field for about 7 years now and loves it! She started as a server and worked her way up to higher management by becoming a banquet manager and then a catering supervisor.Shortly after working her way up in the industry she found her love for management and decided to look for a new opportunity which is when she found the amazing company LGC! She is now the Branch manager of Columbus and loves her job more and more everyday! 

Jessica Schwiefert Area Development Manager

Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Lexington

Jessica started her career with LGC in summer 2016. She graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, specializing in Human Resources. Throughout her college years, she was a server at Bob Evans Restaurant, where she trained new hires and specialized in server leadership and development. She also gained office experience as a Campus Recruiter at Northwestern Mutual, where she found her passion in HR. Shortly after graduation, she moved to the great city of Columbus and obtained her position with LGC Hospitality. So far, she has fallen in love with Columbus’ market and amazing staff! 

Jaime Horning Regional Vice President & Member

Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Lexington, Portland, Seattle

Jaime started her career with LGC in September 2006; currently, she is the Regional Vice President & Member for Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Portland, and Seattle. She graduated College at Portland State University in Oregon with a double major in Business and Communication with a Hospitality minor. Jaime has opened all of her offices from ground level, her most recent was Seattle in February 2017. She knew immediately that LGC Associates was where she wanted to be because of growth potential, work environment and being specialized in the Hospitality field. Her success at LGC has been because of her drive, compassion and desire to be successful but mostly because of love of the Candidates and the Clients.