Despite the challenges we (like thousands of others) faced throughout the pandemic, LGC has been fortunate to open three new staffing divisions within the past year. These divisions – MarketStaff, ConcessionStaff, and EnviroStaff – target clients in specific industries and bring LGC’s two decades of staffing expertise to their organization.

Conservation Scientist

A career in the outdoors with your ear to the ground, so to speak. Conservation scientists play a crucial role in human interaction with land and protecting the environment and natural resources for future generations.  

Environmental Jobs

The past several years has shown us the importance of conservation in order to create a safe home for future generations. As we begin to better understand the impact and urgency of climate change, environmentally focused businesses are growing and need qualified workers to help deliver positive results. As these companies grow it’s important to… Read more »


Environmental careers encompass a wide range of opportunities that each require a combination of education, training or certification, and technical expertise that let employers know you have the “hard” skills to understand the job and its expectations. 

New Staffing Divisions

LGC is excited to announce the launch of EnviroStaff and MarketStaff, two new divisions of LGC Hospitality!