Your company is growing rapidly and that’s very exciting! Clearly, you’re doing something very right that really resonates with people. Since business is booming, you’ve been hiring like crazy to keep pace, so new employees are constantly joining your team. From a business perspective, this growth is amazing, but it’s also a lot for… Read more »

  Keeping your energy up during your shift can be a struggle, especially if you were up late doing homework or caring for family members. If you’re like many people, you refuel with an energy drink or a cup of coffee, but these quick fixes are just a temporary solution. Eating a healthy lunch is… Read more »

If you don’t already have it, powering through the job search process will give you thick skin. Finding your ideal fit takes time, so you’re bound to get rejected at least a few times. Learning someone else has been selected instead of you always stings, but that doesn’t mean you wasted your time trying to… Read more »

Searching for a new job is hard work. Finding an opportunity that piques your interest can be quite the challenge, but even when you do, you still have to compete with the multitude of other candidates vying for the same role. If you’re currently unemployed or desperately want to resign from your current job, your… Read more »

  Your actions today set the tone for your life tomorrow — including your decision to accept a part-time job in food service. Whether you’re a college student looking to earn a buck or a career changer trying to make ends meet while you figure things out, you might be pleasantly surprised at the impact… Read more »

Great news for the hospitality industry — performance growth is expected to rise through 2017. According to STR and Tourism Economics’ final forecast of 2016, performance is expected to slightly decline this year, but demand and RevPAR will continue to set records. A 0.5% decline in the U.S. hotel industry is projected this year, along… Read more »

A new job always comes with a fresh set of challenges. Adapting to a new environment, colleagues and set of responsibilities is a process that takes time. However, one area you cannot afford to ease into is safety. Nothing is more important than your health and well-being, so your first task should be immersing yourself… Read more »

Running a hospitality organization isn’t easy. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to making a company a success, so you have to find an approach that works for you. Hiring temporary employees is a non-traditional move that can seriously benefit your organization. In a standard business model, hiring decisions are made after a few rounds of interviews… Read more »

In the past, the only information a potential hospitality employer could access about you was the details on your job application, but the digital era has made that a thing of the past. If you’re in the market for a new gig, you must take inventory of your online presence before submitting applications. It may… Read more »

More than just a way to score a meal they don’t have to cook themselves, eating out is an activity many people really enjoy. Whether they’re looking for a quick bite at a sports venue or in pursuit of a favorite dish at their country club, the experience goes far beyond the food. As a… Read more »