Questions You Should Be Asking Your Interviewer

Interviewing for a job can rattle the nerves of even the most experienced candidates, so proper preparation is essential. When crafting responses to common interview questions, you also need to prepare a list of your own inquiries to ask. Not only is it important for you to learn as much as possible about the job… Read more »

Resume Refresher: Everything You Should be Including

  As a job seeker, your resume is your ticket to landing an interview. If it’s polished, professional and filled with the right skills and experience, you’ll probably be invited for an interview. Of course, if it fails to present you in a positive manner and sell you as a strong contender it will quickly… Read more »

  Some days at work are fantastic, while others are the exact opposite. Whether you’re bogged down with issues from your personal life or everything has simply gone wrong since you started your shift, it’s only natural to feel less-than-enthusiastic when things don’t go your way. However, you have a job to do, so no… Read more »

Questions to Ask Before Your First Day at a New Job

  Congratulations, you got the job! You’re probably breathing a huge sigh of relief that the interview process is finally over — with the best possible outcome. Now it’s time to start preparing for your first day on the job. While interviewing for the position, most of your questions were probably focused on the job… Read more »

Managing Tardy Employees | LGC Hospitality

Punctual employees are essential to running a successful business, as even one latecomer can slow operations down for everyone. Most of your team shows up on time — if not early — for each shift, but you don’t really know what to do with the one person who is constantly late. You’ve considered firing this… Read more »

Making Extra Money This Fall

Fall has officially arrived, so it’s time to find a job that fits your schedule. Whether you’re a college student back at school, a parent with a little free time now that your kids are in school or just a hardworking individual looking to earn a little extra cash, LGC Hospitality has a food service… Read more »

There’s few things that can make a workday better than praise from the boss. Your employees spend their days trying to please you, and when they do, they’re filled with a sense of pride. Motivating your team with cash bonuses, extra vacation days and other enticing incentives are nice if you have the budget, but… Read more »

Interviewing for Food Service Job

Interviewing for a promising new hospitality job is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You want to do everything you can to make a great impression, because you’ll probably be facing some pretty tough competition. In addition to ensuring your appearance is perfectly groomed and professional, you’ll also need to present a polished resume that sells you… Read more »