Great Topics of Conversation for Hotel Bartenders

  Working as a hotel bartender is fun. You get to meet new people every shift, introduce out-of-town guests to the local vibe, and welcome back regulars. Many people have the misconception that being a bartender is solely about making drinks, but as one of the top hospitality employment agencies in the U.S., LGC Hospitality… Read more »

Finding a Job Post-Grad

  You put in the time at school, and now you’re officially a graduate! Starting this new chapter of your life is beyond exciting, but it probably feels a bit intimidating too. Navigating a job search can be tricky and it might take longer than you expect, but you’ll get there. As one of the… Read more »

Dos and Don'ts of Housekeeping | LGC Associates

  Congratulations! You’ve just been hired as a hotel housekeeper. Whether you’re only planning to stay in the role for awhile or want to make a career of it, hotel housekeeping jobs are a fantastic way to earn a living. Now that the job is yours, you want to make a great impression. The rules… Read more »

Comfortable Shoes When Working Food Service at the Ballpark

  Simply put, working in a stadium is really fun. Whether you’re a sports fan or just someone who enjoys a lively, exciting work environment, it’s one of the very best places to spend a shift. The one thing that can be challenging about food service job opportunities is having to spend hours on your… Read more »

  Ana Reyes, Staffing Manager of our Kansas City branch, spent one of her volunteer days at the Community Services League. Please read below of what they do for the community and why she holds this organization so close to her heart. Let me tell you about CSL… In 1916, a women’s Bible study group… Read more »

  Working as a hotel room attendant is a hugely important job. If a guest room isn’t sparkling clean, its occupant has the potential to never stay at the property again and might even post damaging reviews online encouraging others to steer clear as well. Of course, you don’t just have to get a room… Read more »

  Sometimes, it’s okay to mix business with pleasure. If you’re a sports fan searching for food service or catering job opportunities, there’s no better work environment for you than at the big game itself. As you’re well aware, food and drinks are synonymous with sports, so there’s plenty of job opportunities perfectly suited to… Read more »

Hotel room attendants play a major role in the guest experience, so hiring managers are very selective when filling open positions. If you’re looking for room attendant job opportunities, prepare to be asked plenty of tough questions during the interview, because this is a very important job. Beyond providing impressive responses to the questions you’re… Read more »

  Some days you walk into work and soar through your task list, but other require a little — or maybe a lot of — extra effort. If today is one of those days where you’re having trouble accomplishing anything, don’t fret. At some point, everyone suffers from a lack of energy, but recognizing this… Read more »

  Catering jobs can be a really fun way to earn extra cash. You get to meet new people and have a part in making the event a success. After searching through catering job opportunities and choosing the best one for your needs, you’ll want to make a great impression from the start. You might… Read more »