Taking on more responsibility at work is a great way to show management that you’re serious about your future. Plus, it’ll help you stand out amongst your colleagues and help advance your career. But simply asking your boss seems easier said than done, so we’ll be covering a couple tips for showing your manager you’re ready to take on more responsibility and step up as an employee.  

Communicate with your manager 
Your manager may not know that you’re ready to take on more responsibility in your day-to-day, so let them know. But before approaching your manager, be prepared to discuss why you’re ready to take on more duties. Regardless of the reason, your conversation should convey that: 

  • Your current workload allows for more responsibilities. 
  • You can manage your time well.
  • You want to continue growing with the company. 
  • You understand your strengths and where you can be useful.  

By understanding your own reasons for wanting to take on more, management will understand them as well and know you put time and effort into this idea before bringing it to them. Once you have, your boss may already have something in mind that’s a perfect fit for you. But in case they don’t…. 

Provide recommendations
If you haven’t already, consider what responsibilities you’d like to take on, and go to your manager with recommendations. Perhaps you know there’s a process that can be made more efficient, or there’s a task you can take off an overwhelmed coworker’s plate. Don’t leave it up to your manager to find new duties for you, because they might not have the time and that could cause a delay in your advancement 

Ask colleagues if they need help
Prior to going to your manager, you may want to ask around on your team for anyone that may need help. This will likely put you in good standing with coworkers, and your manager may take notice of your initiative before you address it with them.  

Check out your company’s job page
Try checking out your company’s open jobs page to learn where they need help. You might find something on your team or in another department that interests you, which could open opportunities to cross train. By finding – and possibly applying – for these positions, you’ll likely gain the responsibilities you were looking for or get a promotion (both ideal outcomes).  

Having the ability to grow at work is important. In fact, a 2019 study done by Jobvite reports that 61% of candidates now rank ‘career growth’ as the most important factor in a new job, above compensation and healthcare benefits. If you’re one of the 61%, use the above tips to show management you’re ready to gain more responsibilities and grow your career.  


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