Taking the step to hire a new employee is a decision that includes several factors. Besides the obvious, like hashing out who and when you need to hire or getting input from relevant stakeholdersit’s crucial to consider what the current hiring climate is and if it will affect your process 

For the past several years, the hiring has proven to be difficult for a number of reasons – one of them being historically low unemployment rates, hovering at 3.6% towards the end of 2019. While those numbers did carry over to early 2020, the emergence of the coronavirus has caused managers to rethink the process to account for necessary health and safety requirements, like offering remote interviewing and in some cases, fully remote operations.  

These factors have understandably created a challenging hiring climate, leading to frustrations for both job seekers and employers. While historically low unemployment is great for the economy, it means a smaller pool of available talent for employers. And even though there are dozens of companies continuing to hire during the pandemicmanagers are feeling the pressure when trying to allocate time and money towards their hiring endeavors.  

With such high demand for great talent, identifying alternative ways to recruit is key for finding the right addition to your team. That’s where Deerfield comes in. Deerfield Employment Solutions specializes in the placement of industry professionals in the accounting + finance, healthcare, and hospitality spaces. By partnering with Deerfield, our team can help you navigate and work through the common challenge’s employers are experiencing 

“We don’t have enough time to focus on recruiting, interviewing, etc. 

Our team of industry-experienced executive recruiters will handle the entire recruiting and initial interviewing process. Not only will they vet candidates to ensure they have the required technical skills, but we also screen for the soft skills they’ll need to fit in with your company’s’ culture. As Deerfield’s client, you can rest assured knowing that by the time the candidate gets to your team, we’ve identified them as a suitable match for your open position.  

“We’ve exhausted our hiring options.” 

Deerfield’s founders have experience rooted in results-oriented staffing. Throughout the years, we’ve created an extensive network of high-quality professionals with diverse backgrounds, whose skills and experience align with our goals. This network allows us to source passive candidates, secure referrals, and maintain a consistent talent pool. Our recruiters also utilize social media platforms, staffing software, databases, job boards, and other resources –– we’re ready to go above and beyond to find the perfect candidate. 

“I’ve never worked with a placement agency.” 

We understand that working with a placement agency is new to a lot of people. The best way to think of it is that Deerfield is basically an extension of your hiring team. We want to make the process easier for you –– less time consuming, less expensive, and less stressful. Our team guarantees confidential searches when necessary, and provide honest feedback, communication, and transparency during the entire process. We take a partnership approach when working with businesses, allowing us to act as true consultants for our clients. 

By partnering with Deerfield, you’ve taken the first crucial step towards addressing your hiring concerns and finding a way to solve themWe’re passionate about building strong connections between candidates and clients, which is why we’ll work tirelessly to fill the open spot on your team.  

Contact us today to learn more about our employment solutions and how we’ll create a customized approach to address your hiring needs. 


Deerfield Employment Solutions is a separate operating entity under LGC Associates.