LGC is proud to announce the launch of our separate operating entity, Deerfield Employment Solutions. Deerfield specializes in connecting professionals from a variety of industries with businesses that are looking to grow their teams. While Deerfield operates independently from LGC, we’re excited to see the impact they make in the permanent placement space 


Deerfield Employment Solutions was founded to make the hiring process simpler for job seekers and employers. We understand that during a challenging hiring climate, finding a great career opportunity or the right new addition to your team can be difficult. Not only that, but the recruiting process can be costly for employers and time consuming for both parties. When working with Deerfield, we’ll handle the advertising, recruiting, and initial screening to make the entire process easier and faster.  

While our solutions are suitable for any industry, Deerfield specializes in the accounting + finance, healthcare, and hospitality industries. Deerfield’s strong leadership has deep roots in staffing, offering expertise not commonly matched by competitors. Clients – candidates and employers alike – nationwide choose Deerfield because of our commitment to communication and transparency, and our dedication to being a total employment solution. Some of the benefits to partnering with Deerfield include:  

For candidates – 

  • Networking opportunities  
  • Learn to market your skills  
  • Hear about open positions that are not publicly advertised 

For clients – 

  • Creative recruitment that drives higher candidate quality 
  • Employment solutions predicated by client need 
  • Our nationwide network allows us to service clients across the country 

Deerfield Employment Solutions is led by Jennifer Landreth, a veteran in the placement industry. On its’ creation, she says, “Deerfield’s founders have an extensive background working within the permanent placement industry for a variety of business sectors. Our objective is to build an organization where companies can access specialized talent across a wide spectrum of industries, partnering with experienced, well networked recruiters.” 

To learn more about Deerfield and how we can assist job seekers and employers, or to contact our team, click here.