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Meet the LGC Lexington Team

Courtney Hunter District Manager

Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Lexington

Courtney began his career with LGC in 2011 bartending and banquet serving for our Atlanta branch. With 14 years of restaraunt experience, transitioning into a new side of the hospitality industry was a logical move.

Courtney has worked internally for the Columbus branch and now works in Cincinnati. He thrives with large events and has years of experience handling sporting events and the largest events in the city.

Courtney prides himself on going the extra mile to make sure his clients get what they need. Whether it be helping with the planning or jumping in to help serve the entrees, he will always finish the job.

Jaime Horning Regional Vice President & Member

Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Corporate, Lexington, Portland, Seattle

Jaime started her career with LGC in September 2006; currently, she is the Regional Vice President & Member for Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Portland, and Seattle. She graduated College at Portland State University in Oregon with a double major in Business and Communication with a Hospitality minor. Jaime has opened all of her offices from ground level, her most recent was Seattle in February 2017. She knew immediately that LGC Associates was where she wanted to be because of growth potential, work environment and being specialized in the Hospitality field. Her success at LGC has been because of her drive, compassion and desire to be successful but mostly because of love of the Candidates and the Clients.

Jeremy Rose Branch Manager


Jeremy began his career with LGC in 2017 in Lexington. Over that year Lexington saw tremendous growth and has tripled its internal team’s size. Since then he has quickly progressed to Branch Manager of Lexington, as well as working on opening an office in Dayton, Ohio. With his background in Engineering and Stats, he has primarily focused on implementing strategies to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

He prides himself in sincerely caring about client needs as well as his employee’s needs. His focus is providing full time jobs to the best possible candidates, not simply a body, but someone who will stand the test of time and integrate themselves into that location’s work culture.

Ultimately he is looking forward to further the goals of not only the Branch locations in his charge, but to ensure that LGC is a tool that helps clients around those communities grow their own businesses. Without great employees there won’t be great businesses, and without great businesses there aren’t great employees!