If you’re sick and tired of waking up feeling exhausted, it’s time to change your eating habits. The food and drink you consume — and the time of day you eat or drink it — directly affects your energy levels. As one of the top hospitality staffing agencies in the U.S., LGC Hospitality knows… Read more »

Check out the recommendations from our hospitality professionals on where to find the best cheeseburger! 1. Arthur’s Cafe in Hyde Park (Cincinnati, OH) “The meat is perfectly seasoned and buns are super fresh tasting! They have lots of different burger varieties, but my personal favorite is the blackened blue burger because of the whipped blue… Read more »

Check out the recommendations from our hospitality professionals on where to find the best waffles! 1. Waffles and Wedges (Philadelphia, PA) “Their waffles are super fluffy and come with the sweetest fried bananas!” – Jhai, Phildelphia Staffing Manager 2. Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles (Indianapolis, IN) “The waffles are DELICIOUS, the chicken that goes on top… Read more »

Check out the recommendations from our hospitality professionals on where to find the best fajitas in a city near you! 1. Los Rancheros (Indianapolis, IN) “Los Rancheros is authentic Mexican cuisine, has a friendly atmosphere, and will even make something for your that is not on the menu. If they have the ingredients to make… Read more »

This month’s Recipe of the Month is a Jamaican Coconut Curry Chicken. We would like to thank Chef Alistair Housen and the Wyndham Indianapolis for being this month’s feature. Our Indianapolis branch works closely with Chef Housen and the Wyndham, providing cooks, dishwashers, servers, and more. It has been a delightful working with the property… Read more »

  LGC Hospitality would like to introduce our newest segment—The Recipe of the Month. We would like to thank Chef Glen Urso and the JW Marriott Indianapolis for being our first feature. Chef Glen has been with the JW Marriott since opening in 2011. Originally, he started in the JW Marriott’s High Velocity Restaurant and… Read more »

Getting a job in food service is a great way to earn extra cash. Many employers are willing to accommodate your schedule, allowing you to work around school or family obligations with ease. Often viewed as nothing more than a source of income, working in food service can teach you some valuable life lessons. About… Read more »

Spring has just begun, and summer is right around the corner. The warmest and sunniest seasons of the year are also the hottest, so you need to take extra precautions when working long hours outside or in an unairconditioned building. Heat-related health issues are a very serious work hazard. In 2014, 2,630 workers developed heat… Read more »

  Your company is growing rapidly and that’s very exciting! Clearly, you’re doing something very right that really resonates with people. Since business is booming, you’ve been hiring like crazy to keep pace, so new employees are constantly joining your team. From a business perspective, this growth is amazing, but it’s also a lot for… Read more »

  Keeping your energy up during your shift can be a struggle, especially if you were up late doing homework or caring for family members. If you’re like many people, you refuel with an energy drink or a cup of coffee, but these quick fixes are just a temporary solution. Eating a healthy lunch is… Read more »